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Hi my name is Ruth Fox and I create unique and decorative ceramics working from my studio on the beautiful East Coast of Lincolnshire, England. The majority of my work is made using stoneware clay sourced from the potteries in Stoke on Trent, wheel thrown, single fired and decorated by hand using a glazing technique called layering.

Single firing is the process of going from raw to glazed work,  bypassing completely the bisque stage that most potters are taught to do at college.  Glaze is applied to bone dry, unfired clay (known as raw or greenware).  It is an extremely delicate process as the raw clay absorbs water from the glaze, and can cause the piece to collapse. I describe it as like painting a chocolate egg.  The main benefits of single firing are to save energy and time. The energy saving makes the process more environmentally friendly. It can also save time, when one considers the heating up and cooling down times involved in the average modern electric kiln. The downsides. apart from total failure, are glaze incompatibilities with the clay body in the firing process. It takes a strong resolve to persevere.

Layering involves applying multiple glazes to each piece, usually brushed on one layer at a time. Upto eight layers are used to achieve some of the subtle and beautiful colour combinations. This makes every piece unique as the firing results vary, as  does the way the glaze is applied.

Currently I’m selling my work here (with reduced or free P&P) and etsy bluefoxceramics

FREE P&P ON ORDERS OVER £50 (applies to UK only, overseas please contact me for shipping costs)

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